Monday, 5 September 2011

Lincolnshire Wind Farms Pics and Poem - Poem published in Louth Leader

Lincolnshire Windfarms
An epoch
Of giant clocks expand
Across sea and land
Swallowing nature
In their impatient spin
And rapacious span
A meadow of metal petals
All planted in a row
Flowers in the wind
Petal propellers spinned
A fleet of alien aircraft
Have landed
In a field of wheat
Noisy propellers of jets
Make the surrounding ground
The noses of a sqadron
Of spitfires, all routed to the ground,
Have no where to go,
Their egg-shaped engines
Sit in feathery clouds
High up in the sky
And rolls of hay below
What do they lay ?
When do they sow ?

I tread lightly
As I return to track
While a swarm of swallows
Swiftly sweep and swoop nearby
As if reclaiming back the sky
Copyright Jane Air 2011
Published on page 14 of Louth Leader 23 Nov 2011
Photos taken by Luke Belecco